101 Things To Do With A Tots
Gibbs and Smith

101 Things To Do With A Tots

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Tots, potato gems, potato pom-poms, potato puffs, tater puffs, or potato nuggets, no matter what you call them, you can cook a lot with tots!

The 101 Things To Do series provides easy recipes that can be made every day with your favorite ingredients or appliances! Don’t let their size fool you; these little tot gems have a lot more going for them than their usual dunk in a puddle of ketchup. They can be served for breakfast in place of toast or English muffins, topped with sausage and gravy or a hollandaise sauce, or served as the crunchy topper on the Midwest favorite, the hotdish. Potato waffles? Chunky potato pancakes? Tot muffins! You could tot-ally go crazy with these 101 innovative recipes!

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