Sunday Dinner In The South
Thomas Nelson

Sunday Dinner In The South

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Delving deep into the South’s romance with dinnertime after church, Sunday Dinner in the South serves up the recipes and stories of Southern pastors who have enjoyed the hospitality of parishioners for generations. Weaving together the South's two greatest traditions—cooking and storytelling—Algood brings readers to the Sunday table of Southern homes.

And while Sunday dinner is often the most indulgent meal of the week, Algood devotes a portion of the book to recipes for health-conscious readers.

You’ll be inspired to preserve and continue the grand tradition of Southern Sunday dinner with dishes such as…

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup with Greens,
Fresh Corn Polenta with Cherry Tomatoes, and
Roasted Brisket with Country Vegetables
This book is not just a cookbook but also a collection of memories where one dish stands out among the many offered on the most sacred days and the most cherished of all weekly meals.

Sunday Dinner in the South honors those who feed us spiritually from the pulpit and those who do the same for our physical needs from the kitchen.

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